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School of Missions
and Evangelism Overview

Do you have passion for fulfilling the Great Commission, yet don't feel furnished with the experience and information to be a compelling advocate of the Lord? Weather evangelizing to the world or over your city, the School of Missions and Evangelism will give you the establishment you have to affect the unreached with God's message and ministry.
This in-depth five-month course will transform you and prepare you to change the world. Separated into two stages, the first readies the up and coming age of Christian pioneers.
This is a phenomenal program for anybody keen on full time service to the Lord. The curriculum is in the following major categories:

  1. Missions History
  1. Cross-cultural Ministry
  1. Community Development & Transformation
  1. Strategic World Evangelism
  1. Church Planting
  1. Support Raising/Networking
    1. Community Ministry
    1. Perspective Training
    1. Teaching the Bible
    1. Leadership Development
    1. Plan and Lead Service Projects
    1. Public speaking
    1. Critical Incident Stress Management Training
    1. Mentorship

    Credits: 12


Each student will embark on a ten week overseas outreach designed during phase one. Unlike a DTS outreach where you may move around different cities and/or countries sampling a wide variety of ministries, SOE students are encouraged to develop a tailor-made program inspired by their passions and giftings. Past SOE outreaches have included a team of 10 individuals living and doing life together but serving in different ministries. Some students may spend the majority of their week teaching English in a slum, others may volunteer at an orphanage or partake in sports ministries. Staff will help you find a ministry that is perfect for you.
Prerequisite: SOE Classroom Phase

Discipleship Training School

Credits: 12

To apply,Please download the SOE application form below. Feel free to send in any questions via the contact page. We are more than happy to help.

SOE Student Application Forms


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